Best Local Places To Stay In Goa 14/10/2018

Best Local Places To Stay In Goa

If you are looking for a wonderful Place to make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated, and a perfect break from the hustle and bustle of the hectic life, then no other place than Goa will be your best option. And, what could be better than going to Goa in an off-season which classifies as the perfect time to hit the beach.

Goa stands out in India for its Portuguese colonial architecture and heritage. The Portuguese arrived in Goa in 1510, lured by the exotic East and the promise of lucrative spice routes. Their indelible mark is still evident in the state’s baroque architecture, whitewashed churches, crumbling forts, colourful Catholic ceremonies, mournful fado music and the stunning cathedrals of Old Goa.

Though it has changed hugely over the last couple of decades, Goa still has much to offer, especially for those in need of a blast of sunshine at this time of year. The hippy days are over, but Goa has evolved, so while Anjuna and Vagator beaches join Calangute in the file marked “overcrowded”, a heavenly relaxed beach vibe can still be found elsewhere: on the sands of Ashvem-Mandrem, for example, and in the bays and beaches of the far south.

There are many resorts in Goa which are counted among the finest chic resorts. Why these are being classified as chic resorts is because these are thoughtfully designed to give its guests the best and offer the most serene holiday experiences for them. Incorporating the features such as relaxing verandas, spacious rooms and endless greens will leave you wishing you could stay longer. Stay in 200-year-old Portuguese villas that sit in a quiet village, which comes alive with crazy shades of green during the rains. If you’re not in the mood to get drenched, curl up with a book in your suite while the house chef serves some hot chai and pakoras. Or bliss it up with a rigorous massage, followed by a steam session.

The traditional décor of Portuguese-inspired properties fuss with opulent amenities to make you as comfortable as you could be. The sandy beaches, the striking tropical sights and their impeccable hotel and spa services will make your stay an outlandish one. As if that weren't enough, some even have their own peculiar way of treating you like leaving you chocolates and cookies before you return to your room!