Goa Viva Carnival 2020 is around; here’s what you need to know 25/02/2020

There is surely something magnetic about the Goa Carnival, which has been attracting thousands of people every year. At the four-day carnival, visitors look forward to mouth-watering food, fun activities, and endless sessions of live music. The best part? It is absolutely free.

What is Goa Carnival about?

The Goa Carnival commemorates the 450-year-old presence of the Portuguese in Goa. It is a festival organised before Lent, which is meant for fasting and penance among the Catholics, 40 days ahead of Easter celebrations. Goa Carnival is celebrated in Panaji, Vasco, Mapusa and Margao.

With each city hosting a parade on every separate night, Goan streets light up with marching bands, group dances and people dressed in colourful costumes.

It is also that time of the year when restaurants and hotels across Goa put in their best efforts and ingredients in preparing delicious dishes for the people.
It sees visitors from all parts of the world and is one of the best festivals to experience Goan culture like never before.

How to plan a visit?

It is wise to book your accommodation beforehand if you are planning to attend this fest.


February 22 to February 25, 2020.