Local Transport in Goa 11/11/2019

Local Transport
Since Goa is one of the most happening tourist destinations in India. To help tourists explore this place fully and in a considerable amount of time, Goa has all major modes of public transport. The local transportation in Goa suits every pocket and every taste. Right from air conditioned deluxe buses to the auto rickshaws, you can find the kind of public transport that you require according to your budget. There is absolutely no dearth of local transport in Goa and you can find autos and cabs round the clock.

One can always get on a bus that is owned by the state government or even private tour operators to tour Goa. They charge a nominal rate for their services and take you comfortably to all major tourist attractions in Goa. You can pick from the normal buses to the air conditioned deluxe coaches. These buses are also cheapest mode of transport for moving around within Goa. There are two types of bus services available i.e. Normal and Shuttle. Normal buses will stop at all intermediate bus stops basically meant for local people. Shuttle buses plying between important places takes you to the destination without any stoppage; saving your valuable time. Main KTC bus stands are mentioned below:

Panaji Bus Stand

Margao Bus Stand

Ponda Bus Stand

Vasco Bus Stand

Marcela Bus Stand

Mapusa Bus Stand

Saquelim Bus Stand

Bicholim Bus Stand

Assonora Bus Stand

Honda Bus Stand

Cuncolin Bus Stand

Canacona Bus Stand

Shiroda Bus Stand

Curchorem Bus Stand


        Please check this link for intra state routes - http://www.ktclgoa.com/intra-state-routes

        Please check this link for time table                - http://www.ktclgoa.com/time-table

Taxi / Cab
You can opt for a taxi or a cab to visit famous tourist destinations of Goa. You can hire the taxi for an entire day or just from one place to another. Fix the price you are going to pay before you board the taxi. There is also an option of renting a car and driving it yourself around Goa. Please check this link for Car & Taxi Hire - for Best Rates Call : +91 9075063913

Car & Taxi Hire

Motorcycle Taxi
This kind of taxi is unique to Goa. It consists of a man riding a two wheeler and takes you as the pillion rider. This mode of transport is quite swift and takes you even through heavy traffic. It is locally known as "Pilot".

Rented Motorcycles
Renting motorcycles in Goa offer a lot of freedom to tourists. Officially one needs an international or Indian driver's license to rent or ride anything more powerful than a 25 cc moped. Rates vary according to the season, the vehicle and how long one wants to rent it. Most owners also insist on a deposit of passport or valid ID such as PAN card etc. as security. The range is pretty standard and the reasonable choice is a 100cc motorbike. Enfield Bullet 350 cc is popular for its pose value and its British origins. The smaller Kinetic Honda 100cc which has automatic transmission is a good choice for the novice as well as the all-rounder. Please check this link for Bike & Scooter Hire -

Bike & Scooter Hire

Auto Rickshaw
Auto rickshaw is a vehicle that isalso known as a three wheeler. There is a seat for a single person i.e. the driver in front and the backseat is wide enough to accommodate 3 - 4 people. Insist on charging by the meter when you board the auto or fix the price beforehand.

Ferries / Boats
Boats and ferries have been used as a mode oflocal transport since ancient times. Even today, one can explore some popular tourist places by going on boats and ferries. They charge a nominal rate for their service and leave you with an experience that you won't get anywhere else in India. Please check this link for details of Ferry in Goa -

Ferry in Goa

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