The Reis Magos Fort, owned by the Goa government 19/03/2019

The Reis Magos Fort, owned by the Goa government and listed under the Goa Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, is the oldest fort in Goa. It has been restored to serve as a Cultural and Heritage Centre.

From its origin as a defense fortress, to being used as a jail and then a hospital, the fort has served the state since 1493. It was abandoned in 1993 and started showing signs of neglect and deterioration


Brief History of the Fort

The Mandovi unlike the Ganges, is a quiet flowing river. But at the XVI century, when Alfonso de Albuquerque made his entry in to its waters in February 1510, he got the feel of the might of a small fortified outpost built by the king of Bijapur, Yusuf Adil Shah, on the southern side of Bardez taluka. This little outpost reached out in to the narrowest point of the river and had strategic significance. On this occasion somehow, Albuquerque secured the port town of Ela (later known as Old Goa), some ten kilometres from where the Mandovi debouches into the Arabian Sea. This town, however, was soon re-conquered by the Sultans of Bijapur. With the fast approach of monsoon, Albuquerque had no other recourse but to anchor his fleet in Mandovi waters where the outpost again caused heavy damage to his forces.