Useful Tips & Information on your Goa Holiday 09/11/2019

Useful Tips & Information

  • Do not keep your valuables unattended during your stay at the beaches.

  • Do not indulge in drug offences, as these are punishable under the law.

  • Nudity on beaches and public places is forbidden and punishable under the law.

  • Always wear a hat/cap when you are outdoors.

  • Sunscreen is a must.

  • Carry mineral water; make certain you buy it from a genuine dealer. Drink often.

  • Follow police traffic rules strictly. Keep your valid documents: driving license, passport, etc. in your possession while driving. Traffic circulation is on the left.

  • Do not keep your money, passport in the custody of undesirable persons.

  • Exchange your money through authorized banks /money changers only and insist on a receipt.

  • While shopping avoid touts and brokers.

  • Shopping is recommended from Government emporiums.

  • Don't purchase rail/air/bus tickets through strangers or unauthorized travel agents/tour operators but from authorized agencies/counters only.

  • In case of any difficulty contact the nearest Tourist Bureau or Police Station for help.

  • Tourist police are situated at strategic points. Tourists are advised to contact them for any assistance required during the visit.

  • Always hire government approved tourist guides who invariably carry an ID card.

  • Smoking and spitting not allowed in public places.

  • Goa is a plastic free zone. Discourage any use of plastic bags etc.

  • Observe local traditions and customs while visiting religious places.

  • Seek information and assistance only from genuine Tourist Information Centres. Do not deal with touts and middlemen.

Caution on the Beach

  • The sea is quite rough= at times with dangerous undercurrents especially during the rainy season.
  • The underground sea-floor level may not be even.

  • Do not venture into deep waters because in an emergency rescue becomes difficult.

  • Venture into the sea ONLY if you are a good swimmer, and only at beaches manned by life guards.

  • Remember, Drinking and swimming is more dangerous than drinking and driving.

  • Do consult the lifeguard on the beach before venturing into the water.

  • Swim between the areas flagged (usually red & yellow) by lifeguards for your own safety.

Important Telephone Numbers


Emergency, Medical








Help Information  


Goa Medical College


Railway Inquiry 


Airport (Dabolim)


Dept of Tourism 


Travel and Tourism Information : +91 9075063913