Booking Tips

Booking Tips Goan Travels

1. Time your booking. On any given day, Fares and prices can fluctuate. Hotel prices: based on whether the hotel thinks it will be able to fill its rooms for the night. Your best time to book is usually within 24 hours of the stay, when hotels slash prices to avoid vacant rooms, but that creates a lot of uncertainty and isn't ideal when you're traveling in an unfamiliar place.


2. Check Fare online. Before booking your hotels, air tickets, bus, taxi or any travel services with us or with any other, we strongly recommend you to check and compare fares and prices. fares never remains same it keeps on fluctuating, most of the time the fare increase, but there are also situation when fare decreases.

We suggest you to check fare online before booking, because later you should not feel that you were charged more than the fare is.

3. Use rewards malls. When it comes time to finally book, confirm the cancellation policy there are fares and offers, which are non cancellable and non-refundable after booking.


4. Keep an eye out for price drops. Savings don't stop when you book your hotel. As mentioned before, a room's price can fluctuate significantly, but not many people have the time or inclination to sit around hitting "refresh" to see if the nightly rate has dropped. Services like Yapta track the price of your room and let you know when it drops. Tingo goes a step further and actually rebooks the room for you, crediting the difference back to your account. It also keeps an eye on other rooms in the same hotel: If a better room's price drops below yours, the service will upgrade you even if your room's price didn't change.