5 Reasons to Visit Goa in Monsoon 01/10/2018

That Goa is a year-round destination is known to all. People all over India are always looking for a reason to take a break from their respective routines so that they can head to Goa. There is something about India’s premier beach destination and most popular party land that makes people come back to it again and again. Goa shows a different shade of its personality in every month of the year. (ALSO SEE 5 best beaches in Goa perfect for the month of May!) For example, you may have heard that the peak season to visit Goa is November to February. However, we give you 5 reason to visit Goa in the Monsoon.


Best Rain

June is the beginning of monsoon in India. It is when the heat begins to make way for pleasant showers and cool evening breezes. It is a great time to hit the beaches of Goa – take long walks or just sit at a beach-side shack and watch the sun set.

Best Price

From June is off-season in Goa so the rates of everything from accommodation to food to rented scooters are lesser than what you will find during the peak season. This makes June a great time for a budget Goa trip.

The Peace

Yes, Goa is India’s most popular party destination. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have its share of peace and quiet. The state is full of magnificent places that serve as peaceful getaways. June is a wonderful time to explore the calm and serene Goa!

The Offers

Several luxury resorts in Goa roll out amazing offers during the monsoon season. So, even if you are a budget traveller, June is a great time to try something different by checking into one of the luxury resorts you would otherwise never consider.

The Road Trips

Monsoon is a wonderful time for a road trip. And with Goa’s landscapes, you can imagine how exciting it would be to drive through roads flanked by lush green farms or views of the gushing waves!

So, if you are looking for a place to visit in the Time of monsoon, consider Goa. You won’t regret it!