Amazing Places to visit in and around Dona Paula in Goa. 11/05/2019

Amazing Places to visit in and around Dona Paula in Goa.

When visiting Panjim, especially the first time. It is customary to have a short visit to Dona Paula. There’s simply so much to see and do, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Relish the wonderful view from above the hillock and relax as you watch the hustle and bustle of tourists and locals down below. That’s right, Dona Paula attracts a lot of tourists who come to wonder at its natural beauty, pristine beach and the half or dozen or so unique establishments located within this relatively tiny area.

Prainha Resort

Anyone who has been to Dona Paula will tell you how lovely the place is, especially at this time of the year. Prainha Resort in Goa offers a glimpse of unspoiled sands of Dona Paula against the lush coconut palms, best enjoyed from the luxury of the resort itself. It is located conveniently close to the cityside and at the same time away from its hustle and bustle.

Goa Science Center

It would be a shame to visit Dona Paula without finding yourself at Goas only science center that’s right next doors. Although not exactly in Dona Paula, the Goa Science Center is a great spot to visit that’s just a hop away. There’s plenty of fun experiments to try out. However, the real reason you want to be here is to check out their fabulous 3D and planet show. Do keep in mind that the center is closed on national holidays so you will need to plan your journey accordingly.

Dona Paula Jetty

Dona Paula Jetty is a must visit location for anyone who wants a different perspective of the sea. Something that’s not a beachside view perhaps. Dona Paula Jetty offers a great photography spot that is like no other.

Apart from enjoying the great view from atop the hillock, you can simply relax in benches enjoying the evening sea breeze. So be sure to watch the difference in the water color as the sun sets. See the Arabian sea far into the horizon. And make sure you sip the refreshing lemon drink the locals sell.

National Institute of Oceanography

If you’re in and around Dona Paul in search of places to see. Then why not go for something totally different. The NIO at Dona Paula is one of only 3 other institutes in the entire country. There’s plenty of things worth looking at here, especially if you have young kids interested in sciencey stuff.


Be sure to take an appointment well in advance. They only take in a very limited number of tourists on guided tours every alternate day.

Suicide Point

Shrouded in mystery and legends lies the tale of why this place was named ‘suicide point’. Dona is a title given to a married Portuguese woman. The woman in question and Paulo, a local fisherman were lovers separated by their caste and nationality and with no other option left, they resorted to ending their lives, by jumping off the cliff. The Statue on the rock is said to be dedicated to them. A truly gut-wrenching story.

Nevertheless, suicide point definitely has a romantic aura and is a wonderful spot if you want to escape the crowds. Feel the wind on your face as you unwind staring at the sunset. As fishing boats come and go.