Goa to Mumbai Cruise Service to Be Reality Soon as First Sea Trial Gets Underway 01/10/2018

Mumbai may not be the best place to live in but it comes with its perks. One of these perks, and a major one at that, is that it is situated very close to Goa. There are several ways to travel from Mumbai to Goa. The fastest of course is to take an hour-long flight. Then there is the train and the bus, both of which take close to 12 hours. You can self-drive or ride a motorbike to Goa too, which will roughly set you back by 14 hours. However, even with so many ways to get to Goa, almost all routes have a fair share of traffic and the number of people willing to visit Goa is always more than the number of seats available for travel. Therefore, when it was announced that there will soon be another way to get to Goa – a cruise – people were extremely excited. And now, the first sea trial between Mumbai and Goa for this service has taken place, which means that we are closer to the cruise becoming an actual reality. 

A Mumbai-Goa vessel named Angriya took off on Wednesday to reach Goa on Thursday. No date has been announced yet for the actual services to begin, but the test run is a good start. Sea Eagle cruises will be the company in charge of running the service which is bound to become extremely popular once it begins. From what has been said by authorities, it looks like the cruise services will be available between October and May due to the weather conditions. Each ship will be able to carry 400 passengers. Departure time from each dock will be 5 pm, with no halts on the way. Minimum fare for the cruise from Mumbai to Goa has been set at Rs 7500. This will be inclusive of meals and brunch. DO SEE 5 Magnificent Churches to Visit in Goa

Angriya happens to be India’s first domestic cruise vessel service. Apart from meals and brunch, a ticket to Angriya will also give you access to the swimming pool on deck, breathtaking views of the Konkan coast, and informative sessions by Captain Nitin Dhond, the sailor-owner of the ship. Rooms onboard will have seven categories with corresponding prices which are yet to be decided.